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What You Need in Commercial Flooring

Trident Surfacing, Inc. specializes in floor installations, resurfacing, and repairs for sports arenas, school gymnasiums, event centers, and other commercial facilities.

Sports Venues

Trident Surfacing provides the newest lineup of wood and synthetic sports flooring systems that look great, wear well and literally support the home team. We use substrates by Connor Floor with a cushion design that enhances play.

Event Centers

Performers have different flooring needs. Musicians want good acoustics. Dancers prefer a floor that returns kinetic energy. Trident provides hardwood and synthetic flooring with the characteristics best suited for your venue.

Industrial Sites

Our epoxy resin floors are seamless, durable, easy to clean, inexpensive — perfect for commercial kitchens, laboratories, pump rooms, and other commercial and industrial spaces where safety and efficiency matter.

Why Trident?

Trident Surfacing has been installing, repairing and resurfacing floors throughout Florida since 1928. We have the experience, skills and professionalism you need for your flooring project — especially when it comes to athletic surfaces.

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Floor Branding

We install flooring logos and other floor graphics to help build brand awareness or just guide foot traffic. We can custom design floor logos and graphics or use your branding.

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Every Trident Surfacing floor installation is fully guaranteed and insured. For a quote on your flooring project, please provide square footage, time frame, and additional details such as whether you are looking to repair floor damage, just want a new look, or are rebranding with a new flooring logo.