Seamless Flooring

Cost-Effective, Safe, Easy to Clean

Seamless floors are preferable for commercial and industrial spaces where safety, cleanliness, and price are primary considerations. Trident Surfacing can provide all your seamless flooring needs

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Trident Surfacing flooring installation project image
Trident Surfacing flooring installation project

Kitchen Floors

Kitchens pose what is probably the most demanding and abusive type of service to which any flooring material can be subjected. In addition to resisting day-in and day-out foot traffic, kitchen flooring must be sanitary, slip-resistant, cleanable, and attractive.

Crossfield Products Corp., manufacturer of troweled flooring since 1938, produces the Dex-O-Tex® kitchen flooring system which meets every one of the special requirements of kitchen service. Their floors are jointless (for maximum cleanability), thin-section, waterproof, and superbly durable. Generally speaking, these floors are less expensive than conventional tile.

Trident Surfacing specializes in a wide variety of kitchen floorings suitable for virtually every type of foodservice usage in new construction or renovations. Because kitchens are vital spaces, we routinely do kitchen floor renovations over a weekend or in similar short downtime situations.

Trident Surfacing locker room project image

Locker Room Floors

Leaking shower room floors in commercial gyms, schools, and university dorms are a constant problem. Traditionally, shower leakage means costly removal of the existing tile floor, replacement of the failed membrane, and reapplication of the tile. Often this causes further damage to the subfloor, plumbing connections, and drains.

A better, more economical solution is a Dex-O-Tex® floor. In most cases, Dex-O-Tex® can be applied directly over the existing, leaking tile surface for a fast, cost-effective water-tight seal. When Dex-O-Tex® is applied, it forms a sanitary coved base. And, if desired, other Dex-O-Tex® waterproofing applications can be extended up the walls.

Dex-O-Tex® provides:

  • a completely waterproof seal to the existing drain
  • a jointless design and coved base for safety and sanitation
  • resistance to athlete’s foot fungus with Dexcide antimicrobial additive

Trident is fully trained and experienced in the application of Dex-O-Tex® floors.


Trident Surfacing animal facility project - seamless floor image

Animal Housing Facilities

Kennels, animal shelters, and veterinary clinics demand unique seamless-professionally installed floor systems which are both economical yet durable. Trident’s partnership with Crossfield Products Corp. provides these requirements.

A clean, safe habitat for animals is essential. Dex-O-Tex flooring and wall coverings provide built-in bacterial control, a seamless design for easy cleaning, and a virtually odorless installation.

Available from Crossfield Products, and installed by Trident Surfacing, Inc., Dex-O-Tex floorings and wall coverings are immune to attack by urine and fecal matter, and may be troweled up at cove bases or down into troughs.

The Dex-O-Tex® line features:

  • anti-bacterial additives to reinforce a hygienic environment
  • a jointless, highly sanitary design to prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria in seams and make cleaning easier
  • attractive colors in a range of choices to add aesthetics to any space

Dex-O-Tex® floorings and wall coverings may be specified for use in examination rooms, operating rooms, and other applications where sanitation and safety are primary concerns.

Trident Surfacing flooring installation project image

Decorative Seamless Flooring

Trident Surfacing, Inc. can provide all your decorative flooring needs.

Dex-O-Tex® Decorflor epoxy quartz systems offer unparalleled beauty while retaining strong chemical resistance characteristics. Decorflor consists of colored quartz aggregates embedded in a clear epoxy matrix and comes in 18 standard colors. Its jointless design is easily cleaned, and for added sanitation, it can be turned up into a monolithic coved base. It can also be formulated with Crossfield Products Corp.’s “Dexcide” antimicrobial additive.

Another alternative is Dex-O-Tex® Resistite cementitious floor system, a polymerized coating material that provides deck protection while at the same time simulating the look of brick, tile, or just plain broomed concrete. It is available in a wide variety of textures, colors, and profiles.

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